How to Choose a College Major

Hey, what’s your major? This might be the most commonly asked question on a college campus and many students reply with. “Uh…well…I….I don’t know.” College is a pretty expensive way to spend your time if you’re not sure why you’re there or what you’re doing.  Deciding on a college major […]


Branches of Phonetics The study of phonetics can be divided into there main branches ACOUSTIC , AUDITORY and ARTICULATORY. Acoustic Phonetics Acoustic Phonetics is the study of physical properties of speech sounds such as frequency and amplitude in their transmission. Acoustic phoneticians analyze the speech waves with the help of […]

Human and Animal Communication

Most animals have inter and intra-species communicating systems to communicate with one other. They cry, hoot, beat, dance and coo, and to some degree these noises and acts accomplish the same purposes as human language. They make instructive noise. Animals as some scholars believe, have both the discrete and non-discrete […]

List of irregular verbs

Irregular verbs The verbs in roman type are verbs which are not very common in modern English but may be found in literature. When a verb has two possible forms and one is less usual than the other, the less usual one will be printed in roman. Compounds of irregular […]